Export Brief Report (Mar-Apr 2018)

Export Brief Report ( March – April 2018 )

Picked Case : Grenada / Canada / Malaysia

1ST Sourcing Business for Grenada Customer (29-MAR-2018)

Quality Control : There are 2 suppliers goods have been loaded in 20ft container, the right way to do QC are before and after, first QC procedure happened before goods leave factory, the method is randomly picked 50% to check, for example, there are 255 carton boxes slippers and 55 carton boxes clothspins, so we will randomly choose 128 carton boxes slippers and 28 carton boxes clothspins, next is to open all of them to check whether the goods are qualified or not. The result was just as good as customer rquired.

Container Overload : One situation happened in Grenada shipment is total cartons overload, that means we can not put all goods inside the container, so we negotiated with our shiping agent immediately and update new packing list for customs application and it resloved. One big lesson is you have to load container at least one day earlier than document closing time, in that way, you still can finish the customs application even when you have problem on document mistakes.

After-Shipment Service : Do not think your job is over after vessel leave loading seaport, what you should do is keep briefing to your customers on where is the vessel and what estimated time vessel will be arrived in customer’s country. Make sure customer can get this kinda infos when they receive your message each 2 or 3 weeks.

20TH Sourcing Business for Canada Customer (9-APR-2018)

Quality Control : What would be right thing to do after customer received goods but something wrong with product quality. One product named satin fabric,customer ordered mutiple colors but only white color has many stains on the fabric surface,customer took video and pictures as evidence, next thing should be done is negotiate with satin factory in Shaoxing city, solution is either get while satin payment all back or offer discount in next order.

11ST Sourcing Business for Malaysia Customer (12-APR-2018)

Compensation Situation : When customer received goods, there are some glass products broken, we do not know whether this happened in loading seaport or discharge seaport, but one thing should be clear that have to offer compensation to customer somehow. How to prevent this thing from happening again ? one is to make sure supplier will offer excellent pacakge, second is make sure shipping agent warns their labour in loading seaport and discharge seaport on this issue.



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