Export Brief Report (Apr-Jul 2018)

Export Brief Report ( April – July 2018 )

Picked Case : Sweden / Malaysia / Grenada / Thailand

6TH sourcing business for Sweden customer (17 April,2018)

QC product color must be careful and cautious, big size product like luggage has many different colors on each part includes surface,handle,combination,zipper.,etc. we have found that the zipper requires black but what we got is silver, so we discussed with customer and got price compensation approval. We must follow customer requirements on each detail.

12ND sourcing business for Malaysia customer (28 May,2018)

One strategy for finding goods that customer need in last minute before shipment is to keep more similar products suppliers, not only we can compare price and quality but also can get stock quantity easier than keeping only one supplier.

2ND sourcing business for Grenada customer ( 14 June,2018)

First thing : keep all carton box in right quantity, when the contract says 50 carton boxes, it must be 50 carton boxes in the shipment, if the carton box quantity needs change, make change early, in this way it will not affect customs application procedures.

Second thing, how to maintain all carton boxes in the container ? for example, if all carton boxes cbm over the container available cbm, what to do is put goods into two group : one is goods can be squeezed, like fabric, cloth.,etc. the other one is goods are fragile that must load properly in the container, then order loading workers to do that strictly before container loading.

Last thing, clear the warehouse space for some customers’ container, which needs to be fully surveillance.

13TH sourcing business for Malaysia customer(19-Jul-2018)

We have noticed again for Preparation/QC/DDP(Delivery Duty Paid).

Preparation : Make sure to supplier can finish products before loading day, spme suppliers delay delivery day because material problem,work problem,machine problem,transportation problem.,etc,what needs to be done is follow up the whole procedure by ourselves.So they will be more vigilant under pressure and delivery goods on time.

QC : When it comes to fragile products like glass Shisha hookah, first to make sure they are packed with foam package. Second is to test package is good quality enough for worker to load and unload. Second to make sure is products quality on each part, like hookah surface is smooth or not, hookah hoses are broken or not, filter is good or not.,etc. In general, we have to check every part from inside to outside, bottom to top.

DDP : After goods shipped, we also have to monitor shipment status and report to customer on time as required. When goods arrive destinations seaport, also need contact local agent to arrange transportation agenda, in this way, customer can just wait at home or warehouse facility to receive goods at peace without lifting a finger.

1ST shipment for Thailand customer(19-Jul-2018)

We offer visual QC and DDP service also for customer in Thailand.

Visual QC : confirm with customer one day early and start visual QC for customer next day, take all pictures and videos and report to customer, only load and ship when customer confirmed everything in visual QC procedures.

3RD shipment for Grenada customer(24-Jul-2018)

In this shipment, we realized that loading workers have to be specifically informed to load goods tightly and fit perfectly in the container from the start. It will be impossible to re-arrange space for carton boxes if fail to notify loading workers to do so. Usually most item package carton boxes can be fit more perfectly ( but not affect product quality in the box ) under extrusion and squeezing right from start.

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