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  • Export Brief Report (Aug-Oct 2018)

    Export Brief Report ( August – October 2018 ) Picked Case : Canada / Malaysia 21ST Sourcing Business for Canada Customer (10-Sep-2018) Please check our video on youtube channel for the collecting goods and loading container.( ) and also our youtube channel ( ). Data about goods : Sourcing Time : 21ST Shipping
  • export-brief-report-from-April-to-July-2018

    Export Brief Report (Apr-Jul 2018)

    Export Brief Report ( April – July 2018 ) Picked Case : Sweden / Malaysia / Grenada / Thailand 6TH sourcing business for Sweden customer (17 April,2018) QC product color must be careful and cautious, big size product like luggage has many different colors on each part includes surface,handle,combination,zipper.,etc. we have found that the zipper
  • export-brief-report-from-March-to-April-2018

    Export Brief Report (Mar-Apr 2018)

    Export Brief Report ( March – April 2018 ) Picked Case : Grenada / Canada / Malaysia 1ST Sourcing Business for Grenada Customer (29-MAR-2018) Quality Control : There are 2 suppliers goods have been loaded in 20ft container, the right way to do QC are before and after, first QC procedure happened before goods leave
  • get to know about GoldenShiny Company

    Get to Know About GoldenShiny

    Goldenshiny Co.,Ltd is leading company for import&export business in Yiwu,Zhejiang,China. Our three leading business will make buyers come to China easier for effective procurement service,shipping service,supplier chain service,etc. Our first business ( MAINLY OEM/ODM ORDER ) is : NAIL POLISH EYE SHADOW PALETTE PRESSED POWDER We have strong quality support that we have authentication certificate